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5 reasons to love Xavier Dolan:

1-He’s only 25 but he already wrote and directed 5 movies, the first one when he was 19 years old.

2- He’s the producer, director and writer of all of his movies. And actor in some of them too. Oh, and he’s also the director of photography. And the film loader, casting director, set and costume designer. He’s also the guy who buys donuts. 

3- Just look at him. He’s like the canadian god of flawless.

4- His movies are reeeeally good. Four of his films got into cannes, each one awarded a prize. The first one, J’ai Tué ma Mère (I Killed my Mother) received an eight-minute standing ovation.

5- He actually wrote this letter to Leonardo DiCaprio when he was 8.

Extra: He’s the voice of Jacob Black in the french version of Twilight.